Daily Rant 3/2/17: Adrian Peterson is Done

If the headline above made you so upset that you just had to click and find out what the hell I was talking about, my goal has been achieved. In all seriousness though, the headline isn’t there simply as clickbait. It’s there because it’s factual.

As we approach the one month mark of life without football, NFL fans have turned to free agency to fulfill their need for the sport. As some of the leagues biggest names ink mega contracts and franchise tags, others get cut, due to age, poor performance, money, or sometimes all three (Darrelle Revis comes to mind).

Adrian Peterson did not avoid the dreaded pink slip this offseason, and just hours after being cut by the Vikings, rumors were already swirling. Could AP head to the Bucs? What about the Giants? Are the Patriots in the mix? The truth is, no team would be wise to ink the aging FORMER superstar.

With a name as big as Adrian Peterson, one unfortunate NFL franchise is bound to end up overpaying him. Remember, there’s a reason why NFL teams don’t shell out their biggest bucks for running backs. They play perhaps the most brutal position in sports. Some people that are reading this article are saying to themselves “but it’s AP. He’s not human. He’s different from everyone else”. I can already hear it in my head as I type.

Adrian Peterson is not immortal. He had an amazing 2015 season in which he took the field for all 16 games, which was fun to watch. The reality is that his 2015 season is sandwiched in between his 2014 and 2016 seasons, in which he played in four games COMBINED.

We’ve seen in the past year a cautionary tale of what can become of an aging running back with knee ailments (Jamaal Charles). When browsing the market for talent this offseason, NFL teams would be wise to save their money and spend it elsewhere. Adrian Peterson is one of the best running backs to ever wear an NFL uniform. Sadly, All Day’s best days are behind him.

Photo Credit: Seattle PI

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