Daily Rant 3/3/17: The New York Knicks

The truth is, I could conclude my piece right here, and just publish the title, and it would still lead my fellow Knicks fans into a state of deep depression. That is how bad things are at Madison Square Garden these days.

Where do I even start? Writing about what’s wrong with the Knicks is like shopping at H&M when every item is 99 percent off. Every choice is a good choice.

Lets begin with Carmelo Anthony’s latest Drake-ing episode. When discussion the playoffs earlier today with The Daily News, Melo said, “I miss it. I miss it a lot. It’s something that I think about.” Believe it or not, I’m beginning to feel sympathy for the man.

Should Melo have re-signed with the Knicks when he had the chance to head elsewhere? Absolutely not, and that much is on him. But the complete and utter disaster of a roster than Phil Jackson has configured to help him out is unforgivable. I can still recall the exact amount of chest pain I felt when I learned that the Knicks had inked Joakim Noah to a FOUR year deal worth upwards of $70 million.I have upwards of 70 million things to say about Noah, but I’ll refrain for the sake of my keyboard.

As of this week, Jackson’s other key acquisition, Brandon Jennings, is no longer a member of the team. No he wasn’t dealt to a contender at the deadline. He was straight up, flat out dropped. This Summer, while working at Modell’s Sporting Goods, I had to convince multiple Knicks fans to not buy a Jennings jersey, and to put their faith in Kristaps Porzingis instead. People really thought that Jennings would be a key cog.

Here in the midst of this nightmare of a season, I speak to all of my fellow passionate Knicks fans when I make this proclamation. We have got to stop sipping the Kool-Aid. For years now, we’ve been putting false hope in guys like Phil Jackson, Stephon Marbury, and dare I utter this mans name… Tyson Chandler.

As long as James Dolan and Phil Jackson are at the helm, the Knicks are going nowhere fast. Derrick Rose is not the answer, Joakim Noah was never the answer, and if we’re talking winning championships, Carmelo Anthony isn’t the answer anymore either. For now, let us all pray that we use our rare first round draft pick this Summer wisely. Amen.


Photo Credit: Sporting News

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