Daily Rant 3/4: Yankees vs Betances

A career 2.16 ERA. 14.3 strikeouts per nine innings. 5.5 hits per nine innings.

Those are just a few of the stats that define just how much of a beast Dellin Betances is. The 28-year-old is one of the best bullpen arms in the MLB, but according to the New York Yankees front office, he’s an overrated piece of trash. Allow me to sort out the drama and war of words for you…

The spat began with an arbitration hearing between the Yankees and Betances. For those who aren’t aware, in these hearings, the two sides debate what the player should be payed, and ultimately, the arbitrary court picks a side. In the case of Betances, the courts sided with the Yankees (somehow).

Once the case was settled, the full blown Kardashian-level drama began. Yankees President Randy Levine accused Betances’ agent of “using [Betances] to change the market” for relievers, as well as adding that the 6’8″ pitcher “definitely” isn’t closer material. What the hell is the point of saying all that after you’ve already won the case?! I guess there is such thing as a sore winner. Perhaps Levine forgot that Betances, no matter how much the organization bashed him in court, will still be wearing pinstripes for the 2017 season.

Oh but that’s not all. Betances was also blamed for the decline in Yankee Stadium attendance last season. I’m sorry, I just don’t know what to say to that sort of asinine comment. One of the Yankees’ best players, not to mention a hometown player, is the reason why the Yankees couldn’t sell the most expensive seats in the league? Makes complete sense.

Betances, speaking about the debacle for the first time earlier this week, was clearly pissed off.Can you blame the guy? I’d be pissed off too if my employer treated me like a dumpster that’s filled to the brim. He concluded his comments by threatening to not pitch in the ninth inning if called upon, citing sarcastically that he definitely could not close.

The only side that’s hurt by this stupidity in the long run is the Yankees. It’s long been a prediction that Betances would leave the Bronx in search of the elusive closer role, and now the chances of that happening are as high as ever.


Photo Credit: Dellin ESPN

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  1. Listen to the interview with Dellin. I did. Never heard him say he would not close if called upon. Many news outlets reported that he made that threat but that doesn’t make it true. Randy Levine is a complete ass and an idiot.

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