Daily Rant 3/20: Geno Smith?!?!

Geno Smith is not even close to being an NFL-caliber quarterback.

Despite that fact, today, the 26-year-old signed a one-year contract, becoming the newest member of my beloved New York Giants. Although he’ll still be calling MetLife Stadium home, even the horrendous New York Jets franchise will be glad to wish Smith farewell. Now to be fair, it’s more than likely that Smith never takes a meaningful snap for the Giants in 2017. The question is, does Big Blue’s front office really have future plans for this guy?

Myself and many other Giants fans were encouraged by Giants GM Jerry Reese’s comments regarding the QB position shortly after the 2016 season. No, the team has no plans to replace Eli Manning quite yet, but Reese acknowledged that Manning did not have a solid 2016 campaign, and that finding a future leader of the offense was a priority. But please Jerry…please don’t tell me that Geno Smith is the future you had in mind.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Smith’s career, let me fill you in on the latest. Now a four-year NFL veteran, Smith has thrown more interceptions (36) than touchdown passes (28) in his 33 career games. Once regarded as the future of the Jets offense, it didn’t take long for Smith to lose his starting spot to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Bottom line, Smith has played plenty of NFL football, and has showed very little potential for a bright football future.

Things went from bad to worse for Smith in 2016. In just his first start of the season, Smith went down with a torn ACL, which ended his season just 14 pass attempts after it began. Smith does expect to be ready to go by week one of the 2017 season, but he’s now added a dreaded ACL tear to his already underwhelming résumé.

The signing of Smith seems pointless and harmless on the surface, but if this is the man that Jerry Reese is planning to replace Eli Manning with one day, then things get a lot less harmless. It’s hard to get upset with any Giants acquisition after the team opened up free agency by landing Brandon Marshall. Another former Jet, Marshall should do wonders for Odell Beckham Jr., as opposing defenses will have to respect the threat that Marshall is, as well as the all-world threat that Beckham is.

Geno Smith is a New York Giant. That does not feel good to say.


Photo Credit: sportingnews.com

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